Autumn’s Bridget II


Oct. 1,1983 / Jan. 8,1998
Bridget was purchased in October of 1983. 
At that time I had no idea how to name an AKC dog,
so therefore, Bridget was registered as only Autumn’s Bridget. 

She goes back to the Campbellcroft lines. 
Bridget was the love of my life and I am greatly indebted to her for 
helping me through a very difficult period in my life. 

I bred Bridget when she was 5 years old, 
never dreaming where this was to lead me in the following years. 
Her first and only litter was out of CH Sailin’s Proud Dimension and this 
produced a litter of eleven yellow puppies on Halloween Day in 1988. 
Since I had no intention of showing, I used the Sailin kennel name 
on all the puppies from that litter.  Beth Davis, ( Sailin Labradors )  introduced me to 
Anne Gadd ( Gaddzoo Labradors ) and Kathy Wussow ( BayVue Labradors ) 
and these three individuals encouraged me to become active in the show arena. 
They were my mentors.  I am eternally grateful to them 
for all their support and encouragement. 

Thus began my journey into the world of Labradors. 
Anne Gadd purchased Bailey from this litter and I kept Holly. 
You can see Holly and Bailey on the following pages. 
Holly then became the foundation of my remaining litters.
This is when I established my kennel name, Hollyhill Labradors.

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